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12 Easy Exercises To Get You In Shape Fast

12 Easy Exercises To Get You In Shape Fast. Do these moves every day and you will get in shape ! Follow these images guidelines and you can get in shape really fast. Also, make sure to eat healthy though, if you want this to work.

12 Easy Exercises To Get You In Shape Fast

1 : The pushup :

Don’t let your butt stick out

Don’t tilt your head up of down

Don’t allow your shoulders to come towards your ears

Do place your hands directly under your shoulders

Position your feet hip-width apart

Your body should be in a straight line from your head to your feet

Do keep your head inline with your shoulders

When you go down , keep your elbows close to your body

Pushup exercise

2 : The plank :

Don’t let your butt go up or down

Don’t lift your head

Don’t hold the position if your form is suffering , there is no point in doing something wrong

Do plant your hands under your shoulders

Do Squeeze your butt

Do keep your body in a straight line from your head to your toes

Do tight your core

Dop tuck your chin

Do fix your look on the floor , just between your hands  

Plank exercise

3 : The glute bridge :

Don’t stop contracting your abs

Don’t push your hips so high that it will hurt your back

Do lie on your back

Do place your feet on the floor, hip-width apart toes pointing forward , knees a little bit bent

Do contract your abs

Do Push through your heels

Glute bridge exercise

4 : Spider lunge :

Don’t allow your shoulders to move away from being directly over your hands

Don’t allow your hips to sag

Do start from the top of a pushup position

Do bring your right foot to the the outside of your right hand

Do land with a flat foot

Do bring your foot back to the starting position

Do repeat on other side

Do maintain a strong plank position throughout 

Spider lunge exercise

5 : Plank tap :

Don’t allow your weight to shift when you tap your shoulders

Do start in a Plank position

Do lightly tap your shoulder with your right hand

Do return your hands to the plank position

Do alternate to the other side

Do maintain a strong plank position and core throughout 

Plank tap exercise

6 : The squat :

Don’t let your knees travel past your toes

Don’t let your knees buckle forward

Don’t lift your heels off the ground

Don’t shift your weight to your toes

Do position your feet at shoulder width apart

Do turn your toes out just enough to make sure you can flex throughout the exercise 

Do keep your chest tall

Do look ahead and a little bit up

Do keep your heels tracking inline with your toes

Do squat as deep as you can

Squat exercise


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